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What We Offers ?


Roxytel offers the latest A2P (Application-to-Person) SMS and Bulk SMS MT (Mobile Terminated) technologies to its customers with the ability of sending A2P SMS messages all over the world in a fast and cost-efficient way. Through our direct connections and indirect connection aggregators, we act as an intermediary agent between institutions/individuals and mobile operators to help them avoid the complexities that could arise when working with A2P and bulk messaging services.


Through an extensive network of direct and indirect P2P connectivity to mobile network operators (MNOs) globally, Roxytel acts as your trusted SMS Hub that offers you reliable P2P (Peer-to-Peer) SMS Hubbing and SMS Peering services. We offer you a wide geographic coverage and save you from concluding and managing bilateral agreements with tens of mobile operators around the globe.

SMS Firewall

Roxytel’s SMS Firewall ensures rapid stop to revenue leakage by blocking SMS fraud and spam and fully securing your network. This keeps your subscribers satisfied and maximizes your revenues. It also acts as an intelligent analytical tool, equipped with advanced monitoring and reporting modules and a high-end graphical dashboard to give you holistic control of all types of SMS traffic (outbound, inbound, HLR messages…).

SMS Notification System

With the highest level of engagement illustrated by 98% open rate, SMS makes the best mobile engagement channel organisations of any size or type. Roxytel offers an advanced SMS Notification System that allows businesses to seamlessly broadcast their messages and reach the right audience. It is just the perfect tool to send advertising messages to announce offers and discounts, product promotions, a new store, surveys… Our SMS Notification System also allows you to send trigger-based personalized SMS that are relevant and timely, the reason why it is highly used in a variety of domains today – such as bank notifications, doctor appointment reminders, membership notifications, rewards and prizes, shipment and delivery tracking, taxi services, etc.