About Us

Roxytel has been trading successfully since 2013, and has delivered millions of minutes since then, always striving to provide our customers the right solution at the right rate.


RoxyTel is a leading international premium numbers (IPRN) provider, to better facilitate users’ and operators’ voice and SMS connections worldwide in a direct manner, to both operators and carriers. We operate through various business segments from media services to satellite channels, paired with the latest telecom system premium messaging.

We differentiate ourselves at Roxytel with our people and a 24/7 support team that is highly experienced, and always ready to answer all of your queries and resolve any technical difficulties that you might face.

We provide you with a set of well diversified IT and telecom services such as:
_________________________________ Multimedia
_________________________________ Telephone Numeration
_________________________________ Commercial Utilization reselling


IVR Applications

To ensure your IVR programs and applications are available to all your callers on the spot 24/7

Real Time Access

To have real time access to your information without interruptions

Results Measuring

To instantly measure your program activity and manage results in real time

Sharing Revenue

To offer carriers and international services by hosting their interactive voice recording applications and sharing the revenue of the incoming minutes to your number

High Volume

We deliver IVR systems that are designed to high service call volumes, improving customer experience

Increasing Sales

Increasing sales and adapting to a high volume of customer needs taking into consideration the most effective cost


Our extensive experience ensures that you are getting the best of premium rate solutions

We work with our clients to ensure compliance by ensuring, encouraging, assisting, monitoring, warning and enforcing them.

We pride ourselves with our open lines of communication.

Mutual Respect:
We value mutual respect whereby we do not operate in a dishonest or unprofessional way with our clients, and expect the same in return.

We treat customers with respect and always provide a friendly and polite service. Also, we always welcome and listen to comments, compliments and complaints.