How it works?

International premium numbers

By getting your international premium number, you’ll become a content provider and start charging the end users that are calling your number. Roxytel will pay you for every minute that is delivered to your number. You have the choice between daily, weekly or monthly payments. Withdraw your profits anywhere and at any time via bank wire transfer.

Start earning money now?


Did you know that if you get an international premium rate number, you would generate profit from anyone that calls your number? Start earning money now with Roxytel. Get your international premium rate number and start promoting it by signing up to our IPRN system.


In case you are already using live operators, or if you already have running premium content, we can play Interactive Voice Record (IVR), or we can redirect your premium numbers to your SIP server, and that is according to your needs and requirements.


Resellers can now grow their IPRN business with Roxytel. If you are a reseller and wish to provide your customers with premium numbers, track their traffic, and set rates, then look no further because Roxytel will do all of that and more. There’s no need for any special knowledge or technical skills.


Roxytel’s support team is always there to guide you and guarantee 24/7 technical support. We are able to handle millions of minutes to your premium numbers. Our latest technologies ensure that your data is secure, your payments are being made, and your traffic flow is not interrupted. With that, we promise you to serve your needs quickly and efficiently. Online chat operators are also available. Contact us now!